Become a retailer

If looking to venture in to a profitable retail business, then no doubt, your problem is solved at Simplechic.

We are a jewel designing company that dares to break the odds and go to unimaginable heights in making our accessories stand out. We operate in the mantra of uniqueness and all our products hail the notion of aptness. With our host of talented designers our company’s major aim is to offer appropriate products and meet our client’s highest expectations.

We have a constantly growing customer base that’s attributed to the irresistible nature of our products. To make our clients easily access our products, we are inviting any interested entrepreneurs to invest as retailers for our company. At Simplechic, we understand all the competitive edges that can bring great tidings to a retail business. We have one a kind, products with awesome visual demonstration that makes them a success in every store. We are also keen at keeping an optimum production level to meet demand while still maintaining the befitting quality and the dazzling designs of our accessories. Our retailers enjoy easy accessibility of our products and we offer them the best services.

The reseller prices we offer is another super reason that makes our company ideal to invest in as a retailer. We offer very competitive prices no other company would offer. Our products are also very cost effective to the final customers too giving them great value for every coin they spend. We ensure that our products serve a diverse customer base and it’s almost always impossible to miss a customer at your store looking buy. The uniqueness and craftsmanship in our products also guarantees several repeat customers who carry along friends and family to your store. Boutiques, online stores and fashion places can superbly stock our designs and realize how profitable it is to work with us.