About us

Did you know that you do not have to go over the top to achieve elegance with your jewelry? In matters fashion, simple is often more. At Simplechic, we take this concept a whole notch higher with our brand of must-have, handmade bracelets.

Simplechic is a jewelry design entity that spares no length in providing you with an enchanting bracelet. Nevertheless, we aim at giving you a simple yet sophisticated end product that will stand fashion’s test of time while affording you the majestic aura of class.

Combining a unique French touch with lavish American hints, our bracelets are crafted with utmost professionalism to ensure that they not only last long, but bear every possible mark of quality as well. This is why Simplechic’s bracelets are all personally designed by the company’s founder.

The Experienced Designers

Originally from France and with a ten years’ experience of designing jewelry, you can be certain that your bracelet has been handled by none other than the master himself! Working closely with his wife in their Californian jewelry business, the 36 year old entrepreneur brings a touch of class, ingenuity, creativity and simple elegance to all the pieces the company produces.

As a matter of fact, Simplechic’s design mantra is “minimalist designs”. This simply means that we do not work on exaggerated designs yet we maintain the elements that are crucial to every piece of jewelry delivered; elegance, class and style!

Our Target Market

We endeavor to serve as diverse a customer base as possible. With our minimalistic approach to designing bracelets, our products are appreciated by both the young and old. Moreover, our products are unisex in the sense that they can be worn by both males and females. Nevertheless, we have determined that those who are most attracted by our bracelets are females ranging from the ages 15 to 40 years.

Pretty much everyone can order a bracelet from us for themselves or a loved one. The most awesome experience for us is to craft an elegant bracelet and then engrave a sweet, funny love message on it. We sure do make it easier for you to express your love and appreciation for a partner or other loved one on special occasions! Moreover, you can be certain that you will not have to break a bank to be able to gift your loved one with a beautiful bracelet that is laden with a deep love message.

Our Unique Selling Point

While you are 100% guaranteed of the elegance of our bracelets, they are quite affordable. With our desire of keeping things simple, we do not go for expensive stones or precious metals. Our products are high quality stainless steel and come totally handmade! This aspect ensures that every inch of your bracelet is given due attention by our designers!

So go right ahead and try us, give us your words of emotion and see us turn them into an enchanting love-message jewelry for that special someone you do not know how to appreciate. We promise you their smile once they lay hands on our elegant, engraved bracelets.